Changing the Narrative
with books that reflect all of our young readers

We need diverse books so that someday all good “multicultural” stories can just be called good stories.
-- Grace Lin

Made for Me Books wants all young people to have a diverse collection of books at home. Books that:
  • reflect themselves and provide windows into other cultures;
  • illuminate our true history and experiences that are not widely shared;
  • are theirs to own - so they can read them over and over again.
We identify books and authors that highlight a variety of cultures and identities. And we partner with local Harlem-based groups to distribute the books.

DONATE NOW and help us purchase and deliver more books.  Made for Me Books is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, based in Harlem, New York.

Since our founding in June 2020, we have distributed 4,102 books to 1,625 young readers, in partnership with our public housing partners and other local, youth serving organizations.

Visit our EVENTS GALLERY to see the beautiful photos from our book events!

Credit: Photos from Taft Houses and 1775/AK/MS Houses events were taken by Jasmina Tomic, courtesy House of SpeakEasy.
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  • 110th and Adam Clayton Powell, Harlem, New York, NY
Made for Me Books has been generously funded by:

The Gilchrist FamilyWest End Collegiate Church Preeti & Chris Scalone
Judy PolyneJessica Venegas Sita & Shiwendra Singh

Book Donors (Year 1:  2020-21)
  J Vanburen-Green
  Jessica Svenson  Linda Saffire
  Carlotta Ramos
  Stephanie Pilla     Mahalia Watson
  Madeline Holder
  Naisha Quiles  Ilia M. Castro
  Sitella Smith  Meredith Grossman
  Sarita Singh
  Beverly Macfarlane
  Laurie Brown Kindred
  Joseph Negron
  Ann Kane  Chika Cawley  Elana Ben-Ari
  Shamika Shirer  Kesha Atterberry  Olatunde Johnson
  Ewelina Sagan-Rivero  Miia  House of Speakeasy
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